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Stars and $tardust

Both stars and the token plays a significant role in the Boxxxed Universe. Make sure you know all about the concept before you read anymore about the project.

The Holy Grail
of stars

Stars are one of the core products in the ecosystem. It's used as a commodity in exchange for events and features of your choice.
Stars are located on the side of the box, and it ranges from 0-5. Some boxes come with stars directly after mint, but most come without any:







But don't worry you can always fill up the stars with the native token $tardust. Once you fill your boxes with stars, they appear immediately.

Collect $tardust
and assemble into stars

$tardust is an in-game token and can't be exchanges for other currencies. The value lies in stars.
Piggy Bank
Regardless if you buy or earn the token (using one of many opportunities to do so), you can refill your boxxxes with 1 star every time you collect 100 $tardust.

100 $tardust = 1 star

Piggy Bank
Win Win Circle

Value + Value = More Value

The plan is simple. As we keep offering valuable utility and only make it available using stars. The demand for Boxxxed Animals will increase and thereby also the need to earn $tardust to assemble into stars.