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More than 500 giveaways
Win amazing NFTs in Discord

We've put thousands of ICP in the NFT prize pool!

Win amazing NFTs!

Win #ICP NFTs on Discord.

Win amazing NFTs!

Win NFTs and get whitelisted on Discord.

Increase your chances

Would you like to improve your chances of winning? It's quite simple! Being an active member gives you a better chance to take home the prize. Here is how:

Activity is rewarded with XP

When you chat, win games or help the community - you're rewarded with XP. The more XP you have, the higher rank you achieve - and the higher the rank, the greater chance of winning an NFT.

Before we go into details on how it works, let's present the three categories of ranks we work with in our Discord server:

🥉 Bronze

  • Level 1: Virgin
  • Level 2: Trainee
  • Level 4: Degen
  • Level 6: Amateur

🥈 Silver

  • Level 8: Semi-Pro
  • Level 12: Professional
  • Level 15: Expert
  • Level 18: Veteran

🥇 Gold

  • Level 25: Master
  • Level 35: Grand Master
  • Level 50: Champion
  • Level 69: Guru
* holders of +69 Boxxxed Animals will join the Club 69 and get an extra seat in the finals.

How we find winners

In Discord we host giveaways. Of all entries we draw up to 12 winners - one for each of the ranks above. The higher you rank, the less people you'll compete against.
All finalists gain 690 XP (putting the players in a better position for next giveaway).

Among the 12 finalists, the bot now pick one lucky winner of an random NFT prize from the Prize Pool. If you didn't win, there is always a new chance in the next giveaway 🙂

We document every giveaway in the channel #giveaway on Discord. This way you can track every transaction we do. We do have a 7 days claim period. If this isn't complied, the NFT is lost and not redeemable anymore.