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Meet the
Boxxxed Animals

Boxxxed Animals are diverse animal species with very different personalities and rarity (some even close to extinction). Without further ado, let's present them:

Bunnies are known for their insatiable reproductive habits for good reason. Player is no exception, and as the name implies, this bunny knows all the tricks in the book and might have the greatest numbers in both mating and ancestry production.

Population: 730
10,47% of supply
This brilliant beast is huge in many ways. Its size alone speaks for itself, but it is especially known for its awesome, giant horn... or is it another noble part that it is known for?
Population: 719
10,31% of supply
True Believer. Prays a lot, mostly about getting laid. A well-known quality that is particularly popular among the opposite gender is its capability to chew for up to eight hours a day - think about that!
Population: 715
10,26% of supply
The Beagle breed is best known for hunting! In the case of Snoop Dog, it hunts everything that walks or has a pulse. You can always tell when it is successful because the Beagle is one of the most vocal dog breeds that exists.
Population: 710
10,19% of supply
Their stripes may help zebras camouflage, but Strip's intentions are always straightforward. Its horniness must be triggered - and it doesn't matter if it's with a mate, a pie, or all alone - as long as it happens, and preferably as frequently as possible!
Population: 695
9,97% of supply
When the period of hibernation ends, there is only one thing on the mind of Unbearable: mating! Besides being very strong and powerful, Unbearable is also an extraordinarily intelligent animal and will use its intelligence to trick you into bed.
Population: 694
9,96% of supply
Gorillas are one of the biggest, most powerful living primates and Cryptorilla knows this and takes full advantage of it. As the dominant adult male, he often flexes his strength and brags about his accomplishments achieved through pure power. Don't we all like an alpha?
Population: 680
9,76% of supply
No two giraffes have exactly the same pattern, but this is not what makes Shorty unique. It's the missing length of the neck that is compensated for in other ways. To put it simply, Shorty doesn't need more self-confidence!
Population: 653
9,37% of supply
PigXel is incredibly social and likes to form close bonds with other animals. It might start innocently with the excuse of keeping warm and cuddling, but don't assume that just because pigs like to roll in mud, that this is the only thing that's dirty about them...
Population: 357
5,12% of supply
Foxes are smart and secretive creatures, which is probably what makes them so fascinating. But have no doubt, Ginger is a trickster that uses all the tricks in the book to convince you to unbox it. Many use the phrase "sly as a fox" for a reason!
Population: 346
4,97% of supply
As the biggest reptile on Earth (and that's not the only thing that's big about it), it might use its size to intimidate you. But it won't hesitate to turn on the charm and shed crocodile tears just to convince you to get unboxed.
Population: 338
4,85% of supply
They say that bulls get angry when they see red. Despite being red from top to toe, the only sign of aggressiveness that Bullish shows is being aggressively confident. Being born with good looks and being a charming creature by nature could perhaps be a setback.
Population: 138
1,98% of supply
With the ability to change the color of its skin to blend in with its surroundings, nobody really knows who is behind Incognito! However, rumors tell that this chameleon has the best tongue in the business.
Population: 135
1,94% of supply
This mythical creature is often linked to purity, virginity, and innocence. This is not the case for Uniporn! However, Uniporn is still one of a kind, and this is reflected in its rarity.
Population: 59
0,85% of supply